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The Advantage of the buoyant technology:

The ROSCH INNOVATIONS®- Kinetic Power Plants (KPP®) are emission-free and require no fossil or other external fuels. Once a year, mechanical components have to be inspected and replaced, if necessary, by specially trained technicians.

The energy efficiency of kW / square meter is higher than that of solar and wind power plants. The energy is constantly and uninterrupted supplied for 24 hours, 365 days of the year.

Unlike other renewable energy plants this technology is base load capable and a decentralized deployable power plant.

The duration of availability, and redundancy capability of this concept is higher than gas / oil or coal-fired plants.

Various options are available:

The ROSCH INNOVATIONS®-Kinetic Power Plants (KPP®) are available in modular design up to one Giga Watt or more.

Kinetic Power Plants